Christmas Card for Riding Kids

Introduction: Christmas Card for Riding Kids

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Christmas is right around the corner so it's high time to Christmas DIY! I enjoy dressing up gifts on my own decorating with cute papercrafts.

My son is into off-road riding so I decided to make a special Christmas card for him. I found some free printables that inspired me to create the ATV Christmas Card. Hope you'll like it too.

I made the card that is hidden inside the paper chimney and covered with a Santa's hat. The craft works the following way. You need to drag the hat to pull the greeting card out of the chimney and enjoy reading the secret message. That's it!


The Christmas card is easy to make. All you need is three printables: a greeting card, a chimney, and a hat. And a sprinkle of patience. All the materials I used are free to download:

Step 1: Get Ready

Get all the printables printed. I used an ATV Christmas card but you can use any card you desire.

Besides, I needed an extra red stripe for a cardholder. I just printed the chimney twice and used the second copy to cut out the "cap" - the top rectangular part. You can use a regular red paper to cut out a stripe. Make sure it has the same width as the width of the chimney (the bottom brick part).

When printing the Santa hat, I made two copies. But I flipped the second copy horizontally first. Thus, I could glue them together properly.

Step 2: Make the Cardholder

I took the chimney and the red stripe. I put the red stripe with its face down. I folded the edges so the width suited the width of the narrow part of the chimney.

I used the red stripe as the cardholder. The greeting card was hidden behind the chimney and the stripe ensured the cards wouldn't slip off.

I put the chimney with its face down. I glued the edges of the stripe to the back side of the chimney. I put the Christmas card inside the cardholder to check if the card passes through the stripe easily. As the receiver should take the card out of the chimney with no probs.

Step 3: Make the Santa Hat

I took two parts of the hat. I glued them together. I glued only the top of the hat (the red triangle), the white tip, and a bit of the white sides. I made sure the white bottom is unglued so the card could be placed inside.

The Santa hat plays the role of a lid to hide the greeting card. And it's also used to help pull the card out of the chimney.

I put the Christmas card inside the hat to make sure there's enough space for it.

Step 4: Cut the Brim

I put all the decorations together. I found out that the brim is not as wide as the chimney so I couldn't place it at the top properly. So I decided to make short cuts on the sides of the brim. And voila, the hat sits tightly covering the Christmas card!

Step 5: Enjoy!

That's it. The Christmas card for riding kids is ready! What a fascinating gift for little adventurers. Have a nice holiday!

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