Introduction: Christmas Cookies (Butter Cookies Recipe)

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colourful and cute,great present for kids :)

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Step 1: What You'll Need

Makes 25-30 (depending on how big your cutter is)

175g or 3/4 cups UNSALTED butter - room temp
90g or 1/2 cup superfine caster sugar 
250g or 2 1/4 cups plain (all-purpose) flour
green food colouring
colourful sprinkles

mixing bowl
plastic wrap
baking paper
rolling pin
cookie cutter (xmas tree)
wire rack
oven tray 

Step 2: Preparing Cookie Dough

1.Dice the butter and put in the bowl with suger,,,Beat till light and fluffy..
Remember to use superfine sugar!

2.Add the flour slowly and start mixing it all with your hands till the dough is smooth ..

3.Add about a tablespoon of colouring,or enough to make the dough a perfect green..Go slow! adding to little is better than spilling too much...After you're satisfied, add in the colouful sprinkles and mix.

4.Roll it up into a ball and cover with a plastic wrap, chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes,till its firm

5.Preheat oven at 160'C/325'F/Gas 3

Step 3: Cutting Out the Shapes and Baking

After the dough has been refrigerated, take it out and place it on a clean surface.To make it easier, I wrapped a small area of my dining table/counter with plastic wrap to roll out the dough

Roll out dough to about 2cm thick. Start cutting up the dough into cute green christmas trees.

Lay them slightly apart on the non-stick baking sheets..
I didnt have any so i just rubbed the butter wrapper on the tray to prvent the cookies from sticking.

When you're done, bake for 20 minutes or till the cookies are drier and releases the sweet sugary smell...Keep an eye on it since it's green,you can't really tell if it's brown unless its burning :x

WHen it's done baking,let it rest for a while on the tray for about 5 minutes or until the cookies are warm enough to handle

Transfer the cookies to the cooling tray..Annnd its ready to serve :)
the colourful sprinkles will kinda look like Christmas lights on a tree :)
A very bright cookies,you can even wrap it up nicely and hang some on your tree!
You can use this recipe not only for Christmas but for parties too...just be creative with the cutters and colours!