Christmas Craft: Candy Cane Candlestick Holders

Introduction: Christmas Craft: Candy Cane Candlestick Holders

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Get in the spirit and decorate your home this holiday season with a new spin on a classic Christmas novelty, the candy cane.
Note: Please get a parent or grown up’s help with this craft, as it requires a lot of hot gluing!

What you will need:
• Candy Canes
• Hot Glue Gun
• Ribbon
• Red Taper Candles

If you are making the mini-version use:
• Mini Candy Canes
• Votive Candles

1. Warm up your Hot Glue Gun. It needs to be very hot for this craft to work!

2. Unwrap the Mini Candy Canes. Do this ONLY if you are using the mini candy canes. Normal sized candy canes can stay in the wrappers.

3. Glue on Candy Canes. Apply the glue directly to the candle, then stick the candy cane in the glue so the hook part is at the bottom, level with the base of the candle. If you are making this with mini candy canes, you will need to make them level with the top of the candle.

Be VERY generous with the glue! Do one candy cane at a time, until they are all the way around the candle.

4. Tie on a Ribbon. We used a wide, red, fabric ribbon, but feel free to use any kind you want to match your décor. Green, silver, or gold colored ribbon would look great, too!

Once you’ve finished making your Candy Cane Candlestick holders, place them around your home to add some extra festivity to the decorations. The candles can be lit, but make sure to ask a grown-up to do it for you. This fun and easy Christmas craft also makes the perfect handmade gift for grandmas, moms, or friends!

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