Introduction: Christmas' Delight

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This is a good dessert, it is a variation on the strawberry shortcake. Yet, it is still a Delicious treat, this isn't only for Christmas. It is for anyday, have fun.

Step 1: Supplies

1.Strawberries, chopped.
2.sponge cake.
3.Cool whip (can be substituted with whipped creme)
4.Chocolate Syrup.
5.Small Hershey's bar(Steal some from your kid's Halloween candy.)

Optional Supplies

3.about 15-25 minutes of your life.

Step 2: Chop Your Strawberries...

not your fingers.
Chop into halves, then chop into tiny pieces.
They need to fit into the hole of the sponge cake.

Step 3: Put It In.

Put the strawberries,in the spongecake, and sprinkle sugar on top. This is where everyone will know how bad your sweet tooth is. Do you want a sprinkle, or the whole bowl. Next, put a good helping of cool whip on top. Now, the fun part.

Step 4: Chopping, and Sprinkling.

Pour chocolate syrup on the top,then use two squares of the chocolate bar, and chop them into itty bitty pieces, you could also use a cheese grater, If you are making a lot. Sprinkle chocolate on top of the strawberry shortcake. You can stick the rest of the bar into the cake, like Collin did, or eat it separately.

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