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Hello again, I told you I'd be back. Here's another simple Christmas Decoration for your viewing and crafting pleasure. I wanted to make a Christmas sign, and after browsing around the internet for some inspiration I came across this picture

The saying is from, as you know, Home Alone. Me and the wife thought it was funny and looks great. On to the build!

For this build you will need:

- any size board you want for the sign
- Sizzix eClipse Cutting Machine
- Sticky sided Vinyl 12"x24"
- Inkscape Program
- Transfer paper
- Acrylic Paint (your choice)

You can easily make your own, let's get started!

Step 1: Design Your Sign

Using Photoshop, or your preferable image editing software, design how you want the sign to look. I'll be following the image from the sign I found online. 

After you design it, save it all black and white for transferring to the inkscape program.

Step 2: Covert the Image

Now open up your image in Inkscape and convert it to an SVG file. (Use the tutorial on their website for converting)

Step 3: Cut Out in ECal

Now open your SVG file in eCal. Resize it to fit your board. Once you get it sized to what you want cut it out using the eClipse machine. follow the directions that came with the machine for set-up and cutting.

Step 4: Transfer and Paint

After cutting out your sign, using the transfer paper, transfer it to your pre-painted board. I painted mine white.

Once it is transferred, paint the lettering the color you want. Use the 'stypling' technique for an aged look.

Step 5: Finished

After the paint dries, remove the Vinyl. Once the vinyl was removed I lightly sanded the sign and then applied Antique Glaze to add some age to the sign.

Now hang it and enjoy, or give it to a friend or family member as a gift! 

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