Introduction: Christmas LED Tag


In this short instruction, I will show you how I added an LED to a Christmas gift tag. You can use any Christmas tag you want, but I think that the best is to create your own. No need any special tool, not even a soldering iron. Just simply cut out the motive, then use different type tapes and scissors. Simple clever and kids loved it. The basic construct is with one LED, an advanced user can build 2 or 3 LED versions

Step 1: ​BOM List

Step 2: ​Assembly

Print out or draw your own tag. Cut it to the right shape. Design the place of the LED and the battery. Decide where to place the LED and where to install the battery. The ideal place for the battery is next to a corner of the tag. Bend the paper so that the corner of tag reaches the battery. The ideal place for the LED is depending on the motives of the tag and it should be reachable with direct two lines from the corner.

Sketch the wiring diagram. Use a pen to draw the circuit on the paper just to make easier the taping process. The first line of conductive copper foil tape should start from the corner and go to the left side of the LED (+, anode=longer leg). Before fixing the second line you should stick up the battery, use double-sided tape. The second line of conductive tape should connect the – polarity of the battery to the cathode shorter leg of the LED. Connect LED shorter leg to the battery - polarity. The copper foil should go between the battery and the double-sided tape.

punch the paper through with the LED legs, carefully with the polarity, Longer LED leg goes to battery +. Fix the LED legs with electrical tape to the paper.

Step 3: Final Words

This project was a huge success in elementary school. Two or three LEDs project is also possible. For that, you must be careful to separate the different conductive foils, for that you can use electrical tape, and all ending should connect to the surface of the battery. Unfortunately, the sticky side of the conductive foil is it does not lead current, so if something went wrong you are not able to stick an additional foil, you have to start again with a new foil.

Enjoy, have a nice day.:)

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