Introduction: Christmas Lightbox - Files for Laser

About: Templates design in Laser and CNC router sphere

Christmas Lightbox – files arhiv for use by the laser machine.


For Material’s thickness: 4mm:207x207x63mm

For Material’s thickness: 3mm:207x207x63mm

Files can be used on a K40 laser with A4 bed size.

For the backlight, I used the simplest 1m LED-stripe with battery box and remote control.

Step 1: Сut Paper

Cut out paper layers on a laser and cardboard sticks. Then sequentially glue the layers to the cardboard frames.

Step 2: Box Assembly

Cut out a wooden box and an acrylic screen. Assembly front part box.

Insert the screen into the box and paper layers.

Step 3: Parts Installation

Glue the LED-tape along the inner edge of the box.

Step 4: Battery Fixation

Put a wooden partition in the middle of the lightbox. Insert a wire through the baffle hole and attach to the battery pack. Then close the lid.

Step 5: Files

If you need other file formats and sizes, you can download the files here: