Introduction: Christmas Mini-Book Ornament

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Here's a very tiny little book ornament, just in time for Christmas.

It's made from a single printed sheet of paper, cut into strips and folded accordion style.

Step 1: Print.

Print the attached PDF.

Step 2: Cut and Fold.

Cut out the first strip of paper.

The first page (cover) includes a green rectangle on the left, which will be folded back to cover the spine of the book. Don't cut off the green rectangle! We will need it later!

Fold as shown in the illustration.

Step 3: Connect the First Two Pages.

We will be using adhesive squares to fasten together the backs of the pages.

The first strip will need FOUR connections.


Place the first adhesive square AWAY from the spine, connecting the longer page (cover) to the back of the blank page that follows.

Step 4: Connect the Middle Pages.

For the middle two page connections, place the adhesive square right in the middle of the pages.

Step 5: Get Ready to Add the Next Strip.

On the final page of the first strip, place TWO adhesive squares.

Step 6: Add the Next Strip.

Cut out the next strip of the story. Carefully place on top of the first folded strip.

Step 7: Continue Adding Pages.

For each of the SIX additional strips, you will be following this same process.

Connect the strip.

Make the accordion folds, carefully lining things up and creasing after each fold.

Place the adhesive squares on the back of the pages, following this pattern:

Place an adhesive square on the SPINE side of the first added pages.

Place an adhesive square in the MIDDLE of the center pages.

Place TWO adhesive squares on the last page, carefully aligned on the outer edge.

Step 8: (another View)

NOTE: the adhesive squares are placed so that the extra thickness is distributed evenly through the book.

If you wish to make the book extra sturdy, use two squares on each page (three on the final pages) and you don't need to worry about the pattern.

Step 9: Keep Adding Pages.

Repeat until all of the pages have been added.

Step 10: Add a Hanging Loop.

Gllue a hanging loop along the spine.

Here I used hot glue, but it is a little thick. Next time I will use tacky white glue.

Step 11: Glue Spine Over Loop.

Put glue along the spine, over the loop. Crease the paper and fold it over the glue.

Step 12: Continue Gluing.

Add a little glue along the edge of the back cover.


Crease tightly.

Allow to dry.

(Again, I used hot glue for my first example, but I will use tacky white glue next time.)

Step 13: Hang on the Tree.

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