Christmas Ornament Hooks

Introduction: Christmas Ornament Hooks

Have you lost hooks for your Christmas ornaments and needed more? Have you bought more and found them to be too flimsy to securely hold your ornaments (especially the fragile glass or ceramic ones) on the branches? Don't go to the holiday section, go to office supplies.




Box of paper clips

A quick look and I found they are cheaper than the ornament hooks. And the small ones are still stronger. But make sure they are the wire clips (vinyl coated is okay if you want color).

Step 1: Straighten

Take a paper clip and open the middle bend out straight

Step 2: Pinch

Pinch the short end hook closed, crossing the end a little over the main shaft. (sorry about the focus)

Step 3: Open and Rebend

Open the longer hook up to 90 degrees and rebend it around your thumb or a finger, giving it a wider turn

Step 4: Hang and Repeat

Attach an ornament, hang it and repeat.

And If it's not big enough for your fluffy branches, just get bigger clips. You could have used utility wire too but these are already cut to length.

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