Introduction: Christmas Ornament With Colored Sand

Create a beautiful ornament by simply layering colored sand! So easy and the results are breathtaking!!

Materials required:

Clear plastic ornament (Medium size)

Plastic bottle lid (Small enough that ornament is stabilized)

Gold spray paint

ACTÍVA Products’ Décor Sand (three colors of your choice)


Wooden skewer

Ornament holder (optional)

E6000 to glue metal ornament top onto plastic ornament globe

Sheet of paper



Step 1: Make a Funnel

First, make a paper funnel by taking an 8 ½ X 11” piece of paper and folding this in half.

Fold in half again. Next cut an arch as shown with the folded edges to the left and bottom.

Open the paper and cut out ¼ of the circle.

Make a cone by overlapping the two edges and taping these down. Cut a small slit at the tip to make funnel.

Step 2: How to Add the Sand

Place your ornament on top of the plastic bottle cap to stabilize it while you layer the colored sand.

Layer the sand carefully, rotating the ornament in the stand to create a wave like effect. Take a skewer and press down in the side to make designs with the sand.

Fill the ornament to the very top with sand and then gently tap it to settle the sand and fill a bit more. You don’t want any space for the sand to move around.

Step 3: Glue the Lid

Glue the metal ornament top to the plastic globe with E6000 so that the sand won’t spill out.

Spray the bottle cap gold to display your ornament. You could hang on an ornament stand as well to display your artwork.

This sand filled ornament is one of a kind and so beautiful in itself! Truly a work of art!!

Artwork and Photography by Karen Lowrey