Introduction: Christmas Pop-up Card

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for Christmas, I decided to make a Christmas pop-up card for my family.

Step 1: You'll Need the Fallowing Equipment:

two A4 paper
coloring pencil or marker

Step 2: Think About How Your Pop-up Card Should Look Like.

for this instruction, I decided to make a snowman pop-up card.

Step 3: Start Making!

cut the A4 paper 's length and width exactly 1cm each.

Step 4: Fold Your '1 Cm Cut A4 Paper' in Half.

this is important. You have to get just half.

Step 5: Mark Making

mark(with your coloring pencil) a 6cm square like the picture above.It don't have to be a exact square, but try your best.

Step 6: Cutting

cut the line where I marked on the picture.

Step 7: Making It Pop-up

if you undo the half folding, it would look like the first picture.
now , this is the most hard have to follow exactly the second,third,forth,fifth and the sixth.

Step 8: Add More Cube!

lets add more cube to make it a 3 snowball snownan.also lets make two present cube!(optional)first, draw a 3cm cube on the black line just like I did.cut it where I draw white line on picture two. than, to the same thing as step seven. it will look like picture number four.see now it looks like a snow man?

Step 9: Decorate the Snow Man!

now you are going to decorate the snowman.for me, I am going to put a hat, stick arm carrot nose and eyes, mouth.but you choose whatever you like.

Step 10: The Last Step

now you glue the A4with the snowman paper so you can't see the in part. glue where I marked white in picture one. if you do that you finished!! well done!

Step 11: Thank You for Reading This Instruction.

thank you very much and happy Christmas everyone! I do hope this have been helpful to you!
see you in my next instructable!
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