Introduction: Christmas Present for Joe and Jen

- This is Matt's gift to Jen and Joe
- The gift is this instructable on how to build a beautiful wine shelf out of a wood pallet

Step 1: Collect Materials

-1 pallet
-1 box of wood screws
-1 Hammer
-1 power drill
-2 wooden horses
-1 circular saw

Step 2: Cut the Pallet

- Cut the pallet directly in half
- Make sure to saw off the ends to the desirable length of your wine shelf
- Be careful not to cut yourself

Step 3: Warning: Don't Break Your Hammer

- Make sure you have steel crowbar in order to pry the pallet boards apart
- If you don't have a crowbar, you can use a hammer.
- In the event that you use a hammer to pry the pallet boards, make sure not to break your hammer in half

Step 4: Put Circles Into Extra Pallet Plank

- Use a power drill and the correct bit to drill holes into an extra pallet plank
- These holes will be used to hold your wine glasses
- Make the holes 5 inches from one another in order to space out the glasses

Step 5: Take a Sefie With a Saw

- Make sure to take a selfie with some of the tools

Step 6: Wine Glass Holes Cont'd

- Once you have all of the holes drilled, it is now time to start keying the holes
- Use a jigsaw to cut the plank towards each hole to create a path for the wine glass to go into its place

Step 7: Start Assembling

-Now it is time to start assembling
-Drill a plank to the top so the wine rack will have a roof
-Next, drill a plank to the bottom so the wine rack will have a floor for the wine bottles to stand on

Step 8: Attaching Wine Holster Plank

- The last step is to nail the wine holster plank to the bottom of the wine rack
- This is the final step for making a wine shelf out of a simple wood pallet.

Step 9: The Finished Product

- The final step is to fill your pallet wine shelf with bottles and glasses to share with all of your friends
- Merry Christmas Jen and Joe