Introduction: Christmas Robot. 3d Printing and Epoxy Resin

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Every person is pleased to receive gifts. But it's even nicer to give them.
And the things made by your hands will bring joy to your friends and relatives. After all, when making gifts, you give them a piece of your soul.

In this work, I used the advantages of 3d printing as a method of rapid prototyping and the beauty of stained glass technique using epoxy resin.

Give gifts and a good festive mood!

Happy New Year!

Step 1: Materials for Work

STL file
transparent epoxy resin


various spangles

silicone mat

kitchen electronic scales

disposable plastic cups

wooden spatula, wooden toothpick

scissors, nippers, paper knife

patience and your imagination :)

Step 2: Model Making

As a model, I chose robot Instructables logo and I think that this model will appeal to the fans of the community.
I outlined the robot contours on the computer in Fusion 360 and made a 3D model.

For you, I prepared an STL file for 3D printing.

Print the model on the 3D printer.

Step 3: Features of the Model

The robot model has small parts that do not connect with each other. To facilitate the work, I made thin lines that combine all the details and later must be removed.

In the figure, these lines are marked in red.

Step 4: Preparation for Work

Prepare the epoxy resin.
Take a disposable plastic cup and cut off its upper part.

Put the plastic cup on the scales and pour the epoxy resin component A.

Measure out 10 to 15 grams.

Add component B following the instructions (10: 5, 10: 5,5 or 10: 6).

Gently stir the resin with a wooden spatula.

Try to avoid active movements, which would reduce the number of air bubbles.

Step 5: Pouring a First Layer of Epoxy Resin

Take a silicone baking mat. Lay it on a flat surface.
In the middle of the silicone mat, pour the epoxy resin and level it with a wooden spatula to fit the model. Immerse the 3D model in the resin and allow it to completely cure. Check that the resin layer is flat and covers the model from all sides.

Resin should not cover the model to its full height. It should serve only as a basis for further pouring.


The 3D model needs to be put "face down". Subtle auxiliary lines should be on top. Later they will need to be removed.

Step 6: The First Postprocessing Model

After 6-8-12 hours (depending on the epoxy resin), you can separate the filled model from the silicone mat.
Using a clipper and a paper knife, remove excess epoxy around the perimeter of the model.

Then, very carefully remove all auxiliary lines on the model. Try not to damage the base layer of epoxy.

You will get the outline of the model on a transparent basis.

Step 7: Filling With Dyes

Take the colorant and connect to component A of the epoxy resin. Stir well. Place it on a scale and add component B according to the instructions.
Gently mix and begin to fill the selected color with the details of the model.

For accurate pouring, I used wooden toothpicks. Dip the toothpick into the epoxy and fill it with a drop. So fill all the parts using different colors of dyes.

Leave the model until completely solidified.

For decoration, you can use different spangles, if you want.

Step 8: Fill the Lens With the Effect of Snow

After your model has solidified, again take the transparent epoxy and add the silver sequins to it. Small sparkles give the effect of snowflakes.
Pour completely the entire model with an even layer of epoxy.

After drying, you will get a very smooth and beautiful surface model.

Puncture with a stiff or any sharp object a hole for hanging.

Your gift is ready!

Step 9: Other Models

With this technique of stained glass with epoxy resin and a 3D printing model, you can make a variety of things.
It can be toys, napkin stands, candlesticks, lamps and even exclusive watches!

Give gifts from the bottom of your heart to your family and friends!

Have a good festive mood!

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