Introduction: Christmas Soap!

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I decided to try making soap, wish me luck!

Step 1: What I Used

I got all my stuff at my local craft store.
I used:
-opaque suspension formula soap.
-red, purple, and green coloring.
-fresh lavender, warm vanilla, cool citrus, and herbal perfume. (not all together)
-apricot seeds.
-soap molds, and cookie cutters. (you'll also need parchment paper for the cookie cutter)

Step 2: Melt

Start by melting the opaque soap in a glass bowl. Start with 20seconds stir then go to 10seconds until fully melted.

Step 3: Lavender Vanilla

-First I mixed in purple coloring to make a light purple.
-Then I added in 5 drops on fresh lavender and 2 drops of warm vanilla. (it all depends on how much soap you're making, keep in mind vanilla is a undertone fragrance do you don't need much)
-I then slowly added a little apricot seeds.
-then poured into the molds as well as the snowflake cookie cutter.

Step 4: Vanilla

-Melt the soap like before.
-I used sparkly rose coloring.
-I then mixed in 5 drops on warm vanilla and two of herb. (again depends on how much soap you're making. you can test your smells on a paper towel.)
-then I poured into the molds as well as a mitten shaped cookie cutter.

Step 5: Cool Citrus

-ment soap same as before.
-added green coloring.
-mixed in 3 drops on citrus fragrance (it's strong) as well as 1 drop on herb.
-I also added a lot of the apricot seeds.
-then I poured into a mold as well as a Christmas tree cookie cutter.

Step 6: Bagged

Then I just popped them out of the molds and bagged them up!
not bad for a first time I guess. =P

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