Introduction: Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas tree with a star at the very top and a decoration going around the tree. It seems a bit hard but it is simple to make. I am very proud of what I made because this is one my best things I have 3D Printed.

What You Need:

•TinkerCad Account

•3D Printer

Once you have all of these you are ready to go!


Step 1: The Log

The first thing your going want to do is go to tinker cad. Once your in, you are going to click "Create New Design". Once you are here, your going to want to get the cylinder to your right of your screen. Then your going to want to place it wherever you want. Then once you have done that, you are going to change the height of your cylinder if you want. Mine is 14 mm high and your cylinder doesn't have to be the same. I lowered the width and my cylinder is 11 by 11 mm. So once you have the cylinder the way you like it, your ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2: The Tree

The next the step we are going to do is adding the leaves on your tree. To do this, you are going to first make a new plane on top of the log so you can easily put the "Pyramid" om top. Then go to the right of your screen and pick the shape called the "Pyramid". That is going to be our leaves for our tree. So once you have gotten the Triangle shape, put on top of the log so it can appear like a tree with only one triangle. After that, get another Triangle and put that one on top of the first triangle. If you want, you can make the top triangle a but smaller. That's what I did and I only changed the size but making it a bit smaller but now to small. You can make as big or small as you want. Now you have a object that looks like a tree finally! Now your ready for the next step!

Step 3: Decorations

In this part of making of the Christmas Tree, I added decorations. This part you can skip but if you want to make it look nice, then stick around. To get the decoration part, I had to go to the "Community Shape Generators". To get there you go the right where all the shapes are. On top of the shapes, you click "Basic Shapes" and then a list should appear. Once it appears, you click "Community Shape Generators". Once you click there, new shapes should appear. Scroll down until you see a shape that's called "Twisty Ring" That is the decoration I used for the tree. So I clicked it changed the size of it so it can fit on the tree.I added both on the two triangles and on the top one, I made the Twisty Ring smaller so it can fit on the tree. If you have been following the steps correctly hopefully, then you are ready for the final step!

Step 4: The Star

You have made it to the last step to making your Christmas Tree. The last step is to add the star. To get the star, your going to go to the right and get 2 stars. My tree is like a 3D star. So how I got it to be 3D was but putting both of the stars together. I first got one that is facing up and another facing down. I put them both together and try to make it centered. Once you have it close to centered, you are going to align it. To do this your are going to drag your cursor over both stars. Once you have done this, you click the very top and it should say align. You click that and then align it till it is centered. Once you have the star centered together, then your going to group it so you can move the star together. Then your going to make go to the very top of the tree and make it how and where you want the star to be. Once you have the star where you want it to be your going to group all of this together. Once you have done all these steps, you are done. Hopefully you enjoy this!

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