Introduction: Christmas Tree

This design is a Christmas tree made in a 3D printer.

This tree is my best design in the 3D printer.

Step 1: The Base

The first step is to make a base with a cylinder then push the cylinder in to one centimeter with 10 sides for the base. The decagon need to measure the area of the cylinder.

Step 2: The Tree

the second step is to put in the top of the base a star with 8 sides representing the leaves of the tree, you need four stars one in the off the other every time one more small then the other. The first star need to be 16.5 mm, the second one 14.5 mm, the third one 11.5 mm, and the top one 9.5 mm. The size of the full tree need to be 2.7 cm. The last step or the tree is to group all the pieces together.

Step 3: The Star

The last step is to put a star in the top, for that you need to put a star with five sides in the middle of the tree. And you can do this to first put a star in the bottom the star need to be 6.51 mm and in the top you need to put another one to make the full star.

Step 4:

The last step is to group all the pieces together to have a Christmas tree.