Introduction: Christmas Tree

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In November we generally cut the trees, so I decided to recycle the branches to make a "Christmas tree"

Step 1: Material

For this simple tuto you need:

- 1 Branch of tree

- 1 Wooden log

- 1 Miter saw

- 1 Sponge

- 1 Screw

- 1 Drill

- 1 Screwdriver

- 1 Paper tape

- 1 Metal saw

- 1 spraypaint primer

Step 2: Choose Your Branch and Cut the Wooden Log

for this first step, choose a beautiful branch and cut all the end to a height that you want.

I favor the branch in "V" with several branching.

Clean your branch with water and a sponge, rub well and let it dry

Cut the wooden log with the miter saw to make the base of your tree.

choose a log with a sufficient diameter, 5 to 10 cm in diameter and cut it to a height of 10 cm or more as you wish.

Step 3: Fix the Branch on the Base

With the drill pierce the base of the diameter of the branch and screw a screw into the branch.

Then, with the metal saw, cut the screw head, at an angle to screw this side into the base, as you can see in the photo.

You can then screw the branch to the base.

Step 4: Paint

For this step, use the paper tape to hide the base.
Go to an open place (outside that's better) to paint your "tree" with spray paint.

Use a primer bomb (white or the color of your choice) it will leave a thin layer on your "tree" which will leave the texture visible and will have a more natural look.

Pass several layers if necessary, the goal being that it is covered but not completely white

Step 5: Finish

You can now find a place and decorate it as you wish, Christmas balls or even garlands.

This tree can be useful for other parties or even jewelry.