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Hey all!
In this tutorial I will try to explain how to make christmas tree pcb.
In the industry, very useful component, known as 555 timer will be used in this tutorial. We will use 555 timer in Astable mode to create square wave with varying frequency.

Here also i have video about this project. You can have a look at this video and see how it worked.
Note that : Video language is not in English , that is why i will try to explain important parts here as in English.

Step 1: Required Hardware

In order to be able to design such an amplifier circuit, i have used the following components:

x9 3mm LED (I've used Red and Yellow color)

x9 1/4w 150 or 220 ohm resistors

x1 1/4w 1k ohm resistor.

x2 100nF capacitor (rectangel shape is used in this tutorial)

x1 10uF capacitor polarized

x1 100k trimpot (potentiometer/ see the video for shape)

x2 CR2032 battery

x2 CR2032 battery case

Soldering will also be required after we have designed the board.

Step 2: Circuit Schematic and Working Principle

In order to understand of working principle, let us have a look at the inside of the 555 timer chip.
Inside of that chip, there are 3 5k Ohm resistor( that explain where the name comes from :)) and those resistors are used for voltage division. There are 2 comparator inside the chip and output of the comparators are connected to SR Flip-Flop. When the comparison result changes, the state of the SR latch will be changed and then it will result in the ON or OFF at the output of the SR latch. Which means, it will deviate between ON and OFF states and because of this, we will be able to get SQUARE WAVE at the output with different frequency if we change the states of the SR latch in different timing periods.
However, In order to change that timing interval, we should connect capacitor and resistors to our chip. In that way, we will be able to change charging and discharging time of the capacitor by changing the resistors.
Circuit diagram is shown in the image.


After testing,simulating and drawing the pcb file, we can give an order. After that you get the gerber file you can upload it into PCBWAY and give an order.

Here my gerber file project link: Click for Gerber File

Step 4: Soldering the Components

After we get the PCBs, we can start soldering the related components on PCB and test it. Hint: one by one put the components on the pcb , flip it and solder it by one by .

Soldering part is shown in the video as well. You can just have a look at it.

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Hope it will be useful project in order to understand the principle behind the 555 timer in Astable mode.

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