Introduction: Christmas Tree Crayons

Here's something something you can do with your old Christmas tree to recycle little bit of it. So I first saw these kind of crayon pencil things at the Minnesota Minneapolis St. Paul airport. I thought they were kind of fun so I tried to duplicate them and here's what I came up with.

Step 1: What You'll Need

So the old Christmas tree and some old crayons is pretty much all you're going to need to create these from a material standpoint.

Tools are used were a pair of loppers for pruning trees, drillpress with Forster bits to drill out the pencil holder, regular sets of drills to drill the crayon holes, Sharp knife to whittle the ends when you're done pouring the crayon in and I use the table sander to smoothing out the top and bottom of the pencil holder.

Step 2: Cutting Your Christmas Tree Crayons

So for the stick part you will need about 3/4 inch thick branches from the tree most Christmas trees that's going to be the bottom couple branches. I cut mine off about I would say 8 inches long but depending on what you have you could make them shorter or longer. Picking crooked ones probably won't work as well so trying get straight ones if you can. I then cleaned up the branches of any other things that are poking out the sides of them and so you should end up with a stick something like this. For the pencil holder I took a piece kind of in the middle of the tree. But that depends on how big around you wanted to be and I also cut mine just about 7 inches tall I would say. But again you can customize make it whatever you want.

Step 3: Drilling the Holes

So as you can see in the previous picture you can just pretty much the drill a hole right in the middle. Be careful don't drill your fingers or anything. I just put about 2 to 2 1/2 inches of hole in the top of the stick.

Step 4: Filling With Crayon

I don't know exactly what materials they used in the ones I saw at the airport. It may have been a little bit harder than a crayon so maybe colored pencil type of material but I used crayons because that's what I had. So easiest way to do this would be to melt it in some type of container and then poured in but the way I did it was to put on some gloves light up my propane torch and melt and drip the Crayons down into the holes. A word of caution here crayon when it's melted it is very hot so don't burn yourself.

Step 5: Cutting the Crayon Tip

So as you know crayon is pretty fragile so when you cut the ends to make the pencil tip to crayon tip be very careful cut slowly and deliberately use a very sharp razor knife.

Step 6: Creating the Holder

So you can see here from the picture that I just have a piece of the trunk cut and sanded on both ends. I then took my Forster bits and started working counterclockwise around drilling a hole as deep as I could go, which for my drill press is about 2 inches. When I got done with that around I lowered the bit and get it again for another 1 inch.

Step 7: Finishing Up

So I don't have very good drum sander so I'm going to go to the store and grab another drum sander that's a little bit longer to get to the bottom of this and then I'll sand all the edges smooth on the inside and be done. I hope you enjoyed the instructable.

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