Introduction: Christmas Tree Decorations From Egg Shells

Some christmas tree decorations are expensive and we decided to make some of it using egg shells.

This instructable is taught to us by my mother when we are still small and I decided to also taught it to my children to pass this design in their generations.

The good in this project is the things needed is very cheap and we can have a good bonding to our children because this is easy to do.

This is my first instructable and I hope someone liked it.

Step 1: Gathering Things Needed

1. ballpen

2. Green Felt Paper

3. Red Felt Paper

4. Scissors

5. Egg Shells

6. Glue

7. Ribbon

8. Some things that can be decorated on your egg shells.

Step 2: Preparations

I hope you like scrambled eggs than sunny side up fried egg :).

Because you have to break the egg only on the top like the picture.

Drain the excess egg by hanging it on your plants or something you prefer.

Step 3:

At the back of green felt paper, draw a star like pattern. The more pointed, the easier it can paste on your egg.Then cut it using scissors.

Then paste it in the red felt paper and cut it with some border on the red felt paper. (Click Show all pictures above)

Step 4: Ribbon for Hanging

Put a hole in the center of your done pattern and insert enough ribbon for hanging.

Then paste it to secure stability when hanged.

Then paste it on the hole of your egg shell to cover the hole.

Step 5: Finishing Touch

That's it. Done with our base Egg Decoration.

This time, its up to you what to put on your egg.

I posted some of what we already did. (click show all on the pictures above)

We pasted something and draws something to make every egg unique.

Please post some comments and some of your designs if you also did this.

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy everyone. Enjoy with our family this Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of us.

Step 6: