Introduction: Christmas Tree Made Out of Newspaper!

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hey guys welcome

ill be showing you how to make a Christmas tree out of news paper

i hope you enjoy this video and step by step and hopefully you vote for me too so lets get started

Step 1: Things You Need



pva glue stick

BBQ Stick

cone paper

Step 2:

get your newspaper and cut them long thick strips

then get a BBQ stick and start rolling the newspaper around it as showen in the video and once you get to the end of the newspaper apply some glue to make it stay in place and do this 20 more times

so you should have 20 rolled newspaper

Step 3:

once you have rolled all your newspaper get your got glue gun and make star shape and glue it together as shwen in the first image

now get your cone paper and put it in the middle and start crossing over your newspaper and keep applying more rolls onto it once the ends are finished as shown in the image till your cone is fully covered

Step 4:

you can leave it like that or start decorating it

i have just painted it green and added some beads on for decoration and made a star for the top

hope you enjoyed this and please dont forget to check out my YouTube channel like comment and subscribe

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