Christmas Tree Trunk Ornaments

Introduction: Christmas Tree Trunk Ornaments

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Save your tree trunk from your Christmas tree for a fun project and way to remember your Christmas tree for years to come!

Each year I save the trunk from our family Christmas tree and use the trunk to later make ornaments. Below are the basic steps to make your own Christmas tree trunk ornament!!!

- Save the bottom portion of the trunk of your Christmas tree

- Let the trunk dry out for 6-8 months+

- Once the trunk is dry, cut a 'slice' out of the trunk (your 'slice' may warp or crack if you do not let it dry out first)

- Sand the 'slice' smooth

- Drill a hole near the end of the 'slice' for hanging

- Using a wood burner, burn the year the Christmas tree was from on the 'slice'

- Cover with varnish or clear paint

- thread a piece of ribbon through the hole in the slice and tie it in a knot

- enjoy your new ornament!

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    6 years ago

    As My luck would have it last night I had an Issue with my old phone and I 'lost' 50% of the pictures that were on it. Of course all of the pictures taken for this were lost! So once my tree trunk from 2015's Christmas tree has dried out, I'll take pictures of me making an ornament from that trunk and the whole process, then I'll be able to complete the Step-by-Step instructable... So stay tuned.