Christmas Tree Sweatshirt Cut Out

Introduction: Christmas Tree Sweatshirt Cut Out

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I’m really feeling the holiday spirit with my new Christmas sweater from Zazzle! Guess what… I designed it myself! What do you think of this pixel art design? It’s a size small and I like how soft and comfy it is. It’s super warm and made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester.

For me, it’s always hard to get the perfect Christmas present for all my friends and family. So this year, I’ve been thinking about creating personalized presents! A present where you put in a lot of time and effort can show how much you care. Zazzle is a website that makes it easy to print your own designs on clothes and other really cool items I never knew you could print on like, pillows, watches, and even leggings!

Even though my Christmas sweater is already customized with my own design, I want to customize it further by cutting it up and adding a Christmas tree cut out on the back of the shoulder blade!

If you’d like to re-create this exact same sweatshirt, I’ve uploaded my design to Zazzle for purchase! Buy my Christmas Pixel Sweater! Plus, Zazzle has offered to give all my viewers a 10% off anything on their website until December 15, 2013. Use the code SALINAZAZZLE! This is a great opportunity to look for any potential Christmas gifts. Click to browse Christmas gift ideas!

I’ll be posting a new video every tuesday! So subscribe to my YouTube Channel for T-Shirt Tuesdays! Let me know if you have any other ideas for more Christmasy cut up t-shirts!

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Step 1: Create Christmas Tree Cut Out Template

Download the template!

Save file and print it out on regular printer paper. Trim the paper so it’s a smaller square.

Fold the tree in half and cut out all the shapes and you'll be left with the tree outline!

Step 2: Create Christmas Tree Cut Out

Place the Christmas tree outline on your sweatshirt to decide on placement.

Using white fabric chalk for temporary marketings, outline the Christmas tree.
If you don’t have any fabric chalk, use regular chalkboard chalk (you could even sharpen it with a pencil sharpener) or bar soap! If you have a white shirt and chalk won’t show up, use a pen but be careful because pen marks are permanent so you need to make sure you cut out all the pen marks or they’ll show up on your final product.

Cut the areas out and you’ll have your Christmas tree cut out!

Step 3: Customize the Rest of the Shirt

Let’s widen the neckline for a Kelly Kapowski look! Who used to watch Saved by the Bell?! Using the existing collar as a guide, cut 1/2 inch wider on each side but only to the bottom of the existing collar. Cut the front and the back separately so the back isn’t so low. You need to be careful that you don’t cut the collar too big because there’s no going back!

You could also think of other ideas on how to customize your shirt!

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