Christmas ... Welcome!



Introduction: Christmas ... Welcome!

This is a full image of two projects together. One is the Welcome board and the low wooden green trees.

Step 1: Welcome.... Friends or Winter

I found a board with the snowman painting. I thought it would be much nicer if added a scales/ladder wooden construction like that you see in front of restaurants inviting you with their menu. The wooden frame is very simple with straight wooden beams 3x3cm. Red is the colour matching it most.

Step 2: Back Rest

Standing it up alone with a back support makes it real and impressive.

Step 3: Foldadle

A curve in the upper end and a string may help tight it against strong winds. The connecting rod, wooden but painted in silver gives the sense of a metal item and provides a contrast.

Folding capability though, is a necessity, for storing somewhere after the Christmas period, or if a different position needs to keep it more compact. It nicely inserts inside the larger front one frame.

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