Introduction: Christmas Window Snowscape

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Christmas is here again! Here's how I turned up the chill factor with some quick and easy spray-snow art on my windows.

With just 2 cans of spray snow, and a few scrap cardboard templates, we did 2 huge picture windows in just over an hour as a fun weekend activity with the neighbour's kids.

Step 1: Cardboard Templates

We started off with the idea of just traditional Nativity characters on a journey - sheep, camels and shepherds, but ended up adding an Elephant and a couple of ATATs on a whim.

Just search for "Camel silhouette" on Google image search, then print and cut out of cardboard carefully. I used my 4W laser cutter, which helped make clean accurate cuts.

Step 2: Spray the Characters

Spray snow was pretty easy to use. just hold the template up to the window, and spray across with even strokes.

You can even vary the density of the spray by adjusting the distance from the spray to the window.

Step 3: Add a Landscape Horizon

To create the landscape, I cut a couple of quick undulating templates, and used it to spray a horizon of hills.

the spray should be darkest near the horizon, and fade away with a gradient. A good trick is to make 2 layers of hills which adds to the illusion of depth!

Finally, clean up any over-spray with a wet paper towel, and youre done.

That's all, for this instructable. Enjoy!

Step 4: Add the Star!

Almost forgot the star! I know, next time it'll be the Death Star. ;)

Merry Christmas!