Introduction: Christmas Wire Toy

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A simple toy to decorate your Christmas tree) Easy made and easy crafting.

Step 1: Requirements and Tools

For the manufacture of this toy you will require:

  1. two types of wire - thick and thin (thin can be replaced with bright threads, for example, floss. Very pure white threads look very nice);
  2. beads;
  3. color ribbon;
  4. pliers.

Tip: use wire cutters to form your wire in the right way.

Step 2: Crafting Stage

In order to make figures or balls on the Christmas tree, cut a few pieces from the thick wire and give them the shape that your Christmas decoration will have. In my case, this is a star, but you can use any geometric shapes and simple silhouettes.

The ends of the thick wire need to be twisted. You need to string beads and beads mixed together on a thin wire, tie the end of a thin wire to the future Christmas-tree decoration, and wrap it randomly.