Introduction: Christmas Wreath Made of Plastic Cups

Hello my name is Amanda and today I am going to be showing you how to make this Christmas wreath for the holiday season. Let's get started!


  1. Plastic cups
  2. Two different types of ribbon
  3. Metal ring
  4. Pipe wires
  5. Hot glue gun
  6. Wreath hook
  7. Santa centerpiece (optional)
  8. Stapler
  9. Market

Step 1: Intro to Design

It was a really fun experience making this project but in order to get to my final design I had to go through the design thinking process. The design thinking process is the process in which you go through a series of steps in order to get the best final result. These steps consist of finding a user and asking them a series of questions, these questions can help us find the users needs and constraints, then coming up with all sorts of ideas and them choosing their favorite and you coming up with the best final result. My user chose a Christmas wreath made out of plastic cups as the final design

Step 2: Discovery and Interpretation

Empathy is the understanding of others needs, this relates to design thinking because one of the steps in the design thinking process is finding out your users drivers and constraints. My user for this project was my brother and some of his drivers and constraints were that it needs to be sturdy, festive, portable, and compact. All this process is called the interpretation phase and this process is to get a better understanding of my users needs and wants and in order to do that I had to ask a series of questions to find out their drivers and their constraints.

Step 3: Ideation

The next step and one of the most important ones in the design thinking process is the ideation process. In this step you come up with the most ideas possible and it is more about quantity over quality. In this step you brainstorm designs and you show them to your user, then they choose their favorite one

Step 4: Lets Begin

Finally, now lets start with this festive wreath. The first thing we want to do is gather all our cups and place them in a circle, you can use any type off cup for this process I used 22 small clear plastic cups. Now with your stapler you're going to want to staple all the cups to each other until it is a complete circle. Now we have the basic shape of the wreath. Now what we are going to do is you're going to get your metal ring and place it on one side of the wreath. This metal ring will basically make sure it is sturdy and will help us hang it on the wreath hook. Now we are going to get the pipeline and make little holes in the cups for it to go through. Now tie the pipeline around the metal ring. The pipeline will secure the metal ring onto the cups

Step 5: Decorating

Now we're going to start decorating. You're going to want to get your ribbon and your hot glue gun. First with the smaller ribbon you're going to hot glue it to the edges of the cups and you are going to repeat this process until the ribbon covers every cup.

Step 6: Final Touches

Next you are going to get the bigger ribbon and make a small bow. With another piece of ribbon you are now going to make a bigger bow. Then, with the hot glue gun, paste the smaller bow on top of the bigger bow. This part is optional but if you have any decorative piece that you want to add in the middle of the bow you can also do that. I added a Santa as the centerpiece. Finally, paste the bow at the top of the wreath, and hang the wreath on the wreath hook

Step 7: You're Finished!

Now you have completed your Christmas wreath made of plastic cups. Hope you enjoy and see you next time, That's all folks!

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