Introduction: Christmas Wreath for a $

I made this Christmas Wreath from materials I found in Dollar Tree. I spent $3 and was able to make 4 mini wreaths.  It is very simple and can be made within an hour.

Materials Needed:
  • Silver leaves bunch
  • Red Flowers Bunch
  • Pine Garland
  • Scissors
  • Cutting Plier
  • Thread n Needle
  • Pine Cone
  • Golden Lace

Step 1: Wreath Base

Cut the grass garland to the length of 32 inches. Overlap the two edges by 2 or 3 inches and twist them together. This will form as a circle which is the base of the wreath.

Step 2: Seperate

Seperate the required flowers and leaves from the bunches. I have used 1 Red flower, 1 triple silver leaves, 2 double silver leaves, 3 triple green leaves,  1 Red seeds, 2 silver seeds.

Insert the 2 silver seed bunches into the green leaves each. The red seed bunch is inserted into the remaining green leaf.

Step 3: Arrange the Flowers

First fix the silver triple leaves to the center point where the edges intersect. It can be fixed using cellotape or needle n thread.
Then attach the red flower above the silver leaves.

Attach the triple green leaf with red seed bunch on the opposite side of the circle.
While attaching the leaves to the wreath, the leaves and the seeds have to be secured from all directions.

Attach the other 2 green leaves with silver seeds on the sides of the red flower.

Step 4: Pine Cone N Silver Leaves

The double silver leaves have to be fixed inbetween the two green leaves of the wreath. It is attached from underneath the wreath.

I have cut the pine cone smaller to suit my wreath size. I cut it using hacksaw blade.

I attached the pine cones using thread and needle, just like other leaves and flowers. I tied every petal of the cone to the wreath base. This secures the pine cone to the wreath. I hope the pic shows the thread details.

Step 5: Attach Binding Wire

The wreath is ready to use. I have fixed a binding wire behind the red flower to hang it on the door. I have made 4 wreaths in this pattern. We can make more without using the red flower because the bunch has got only 4 red flowers. I have also made few small wreaths to decorate my desk at work and my Christmas Tree.

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