Introduction: Christmas Decoration (less Than 10$)

Hello every one:

With this instructable, I want to show you a way to do an elegant and very cheap decoration for christmas.
Of course you can do it in many different ways, but this one is the best for me

Step 1: The Material You Need:

This instructable is made with very cheap things like:

-More or less 8 clothespins.
-A glue canister.

Step 2: First Steps...

The first step is to separate the two halves of the clothespin.

To start you have to assemble the chlotespins to make the basic parts:

-The ground: It´s a square made of 6 clothespins stuck like in the foto.
-The roof: It´s made of two equal parts like in the photo (3 pins for each one)
-The tree: Made with 4 pins like in the photo.

Then you assemble the cotton inside the house.

Step 3: Some Details to End...

I haven´t prepaired nothing special for this step, because I want you to decorate the best you can and with total liberty, but here go some good ideas:

-Gloss or Varnish.

Or anything spetial you want to.

Step 4: Some Usefull Photos.

You know, photos :D

Step 5: Thank You and Good Luck!!!

Thank you everyone!!!
I would like you to make a lot of these little gifts that will probably stay at your friends and family homes for a long time.

If you want more ideas you just have to rate, leave comments or follow me.

See you!!!

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