Christmas Light Flashers

Introduction: Christmas Light Flashers

This is a simple cheap flasher circuit for whatever you want/need 2 alternating flashing lights.

Step 1: Obtaning Materials

I used a spare light controller and spare bulbs. You can get these items at walmart or anywhere else that sells stuff like this. I used a synchronized light set, and 2 40W light bulbs.

Step 2: Connections

The connections were pretty simple. Just cut the wires between the control box and the connector and strip all three wires. Take your volt meter and set it to ac volts in the 120v range. BE CAREFUL HERE, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PROPERTY DAMAGE, PERSONAL DAMAGE OR ANYTHING. Check to be sure that the 3 wires are not touching and plug the controller in. Take the 2 leads on your meter and check for voltage across 2 of the wires (I got about 30v ac) if you have voltage move one of the leads to the other wire and see if you still have voltage, if so the lead that did not move is your common and will go to both lights. If you did not get these results keep trying different combinations of wires till you get it correct.

Step 3: Connecting to the Light Bulbs.

Now you will take your common and run to both of the light bulbs on the large threads at the base of it. you can just tape it or if you want a more solid design but the lights in a base and just run your common to one of the wires on each base. Now take your 2 other wires and run to the connector on the very bottom of the light, 1 wire per light. Now you should be good to go...but just to clear it up a bit...heres a simple schematic.

Control Box
120v plug Hot
_ | O |-----------------------------------------------|
---| |----------| | Common |
---| |----------| |---------------------------------|----------| |

Hot _|_|_ _|_|_
Light Bases----> |_| |_|
Lights ---> O O

Step 4: Test It Out.

Plug in the controller and test it all out.

Heres a video link. Video

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    13 years ago on Step 4

    The good thing about the Internet,we can pass out ideas like this,But why not take it up one step. Grab a computer controller that uses the Muti-Mode you know the one that chases twinkles fades and random and set up 4 Lights or what I did at one time cut the wires and taped on 4 male plugs from extension cords Label the plugs one ,two ,three,four. and plugged in regular string of lights into them.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    question: can u make it so that in a circle of eight LED lights one lights up?