Christmas Pudding Christmas Ornament




Introduction: Christmas Pudding Christmas Ornament

These look good enough to eat, but they're for hanging on the tree.




paper clay, or other kind of clay
gold wire
green felt
red beads (~4mm) with a hole large enough for the wire
acrylic paint in cream and brown
paint-on varnish
gold ribbon

Step 1: Form the Puddings

Cut the package of paper clay into 10 pieces as shown. Form each piece into a rough pudding shape. For each pudding, cut enough wire to make a loop - it will be to hang the ornament from the ribbon. To make the loop, bend the wire in half and twist both ends of the wire together and flip them upwards, as shown (so the wire won't easily come out of the pudding). Embed the wire loop in the pudding.

Step 2: Make the Holly

Cut the green felt into small rectangles about 1/2" (1cm) on the long side or a little less. Cut each rectangle to form it into a holly leaf. Poke three holes into each leaf as shown with the needle.

Insert a length of wire into a leaf. Make a little loop at the end of the wire so the leaf can't fall off. Thread three beads onto the wire and twist the wire after them. Thread another leaf on but leave a couple of inches' length of wire.

Step 3: Paint and Finish

Paint the puddings in brown and then paint cream sauce on top of them. When they dry, paint varnish on. When the varnish is dry, wrap the holly around the pudding's wire loop, using the extra length of wire. Thread a ribbon to hang the pudding.

If you make this or something inspired by this, I'd love to see a photo!

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