Introduction: Christmas Wreath

I was home for Thanksgiving and helped Dad with the Christmas wreath he puts together every year.  I didn't realize that he'd done this for 30 years.  Having just signed up with instructables, I thought I'd share his process.

Step 1: Base

Dad bought this base 30 years ago.  It's home/shop made: some peg board cut into a circle attached to a bent and welded together at the ends re-bar, painted green on the other side.  Dad attached some bailing wire to it to hang it on the house.  That's 30-year-old bailing wire there.

Step 2:

Dad cuts some some greenery from out in the woods, then lays it around the wreath.  When it looks balanced, he puts the lights on top of the greenery.  Then he wraps it all to the frame with fishing line.

Step 3:

Then he ads some ornaments and a bow.  The ornaments are old tree ornaments that have been hot glued to sticks Dad has cut off of old bits of lumber.  This is our arrangement.  Mom eventually fixed it all up so it looked nice.  It then got hung on the front of the house.

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