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There is no one right way to design an amazing and gorgeous wreath wreath. Simply emphasis on a holiday or seasonal theme, occasion, or simply be a spur-of-the-moment inspiration created from some interesting materials. Wreath styles range from elegant and formal works of art to whimsical centerpieces for buffet tables. Larger wreaths can be placed as a focal point over a fireplace mantel,... Or give as a gift, or donate a wreath to a local fundraiser clients, or a nursing home..

Step 1: Supplies:

Wire Wreath Frame

Floral Wire

Glue Gun

4-6 glue sticks (for glue gun)

Wire Cutters,

Heavy Duty Scissors

Lights (I used PHILIPS LED Cool White 200 Mini Lights)

Christmas ornaments

Garland (I used 2- 6 ft.)

Pinecones, (I used pinecones I collected through the year while on walks)


Holy Berries


Step 2: Wire Wreath Frames

Wire Wreath Frame, these frames range in size from 12 inch to 30 inch, for this wreath I used an 18-inch wire frame. You can find wire frame at most crafts stores or the Christmas Tree Shop- if you’re lucky enough to have a store in your area throughout the year. I purchased my wire wreath frame at Michaels.

Step 3: Pinecones

Pinecones, collect various sizes & shapes; I used the pinecones I’ve collected throughout the year while on walks.

Step 4:

* A glue gun kit is a great investment to buy; it provides everything you need to glue your crafts or DIY projects. This palm-fed, dual-temp glue gun is fast heating with high output, making it ideal for use with floral, wood and other craft projects.
* Using floral wire, glue gun, wire cutters, and heavy duty scissors makes your creating a whole lot easier!! If using a glue gun to glue glass ornaments, make sure you set the glue gun setting to LOW heat, to avoid cracking the glass.
* Floral wire, is wire that is made of green plastic covered aluminum, which is strong enough for bigger projects, but light enough for more delicate projects. Wire diameter is measured in gauges. The key is to remember the larger the gauge, the thinner and more manageable the wire. I used floral wire green 26 Gauge, this specific gauge is extremely thin and flexible, easy to cut; perfect for many arrangements or floral designs and crafts.

Step 5: Lights

I used PHILIPS LED Cool White 200 Clear Mini Lights for this wreath. This lights have a bright white glow. LED technology allows inspiring purity and beauty. LED lighting can be more efficient, durable, versatile and longer lasting.

Step 6: Garland

For this wreath, I used 2 9 Foot Canadian Pine Garland By CelebrateIt™, it is lifelike garland with a slightly wavy shape.

Step 7: ​Ornaments

For the ornaments on this wreath, I used old ornaments from my childhood mixed with some from 5 yrs. ago. Instead of keeping old ornaments packed away in a boxes in the attic, I decided to give these old ornaments a new life on wreath. Seeing them again is heartwarming, instead of hiding so many cherished family memories away in a box, they beautiful on the Christmas Wreath.

Step 8: Accent Greenery

I used holiday greenery with berries as a filler that not only accents; but also sets off the pine greenery in the

wreath. I used the holiday greenery to cover light wires and the bare spots on the wreath.

Step 9: Attaching Garland to Wire Frame

Begin by attaching your garland to the wreath. The garland I purchased was the perfect length and wrapped around my wreath frame two times, with a little extra I cut off and used to fill bare spots. I attached the garland 8 time to the outside of the frame and 8 times on the inside of the garland using the green floral wire.

Step 10: Bare Spots

Those annoying bare spots, once all garland is attached to the wreath frame, you fluffy it all up, then you notice bare spots, to me it's so annoying. I just simply cut a branch off the left over garland, using the hot glue gun, I put glue to one end, then insert glued end down into the bare areas.

Step 11: Lights

This is the part I personally dread, and for me is so time consuming too. According to the box Safety Instructions, they recommend doing lights while the lights are unplugged. I personally plug lights in so I can SEE what I'm doing, as I am legal blind.
1. Wrap the light strings around your wreath using mini lights for the wreath. Try to keep the lights in a bundle, if possible, and only unwrap as you need to. This makes it easier to pass the bunch through the middle of the wreath. Plug the lights in to make sure they work. Begin at the top of your wreath and loop the lights through the middle and around the wreath in a spiral motion.
2. Space the lights in 1-inch increments. You won’t be able to wrap the lights while they are plugged in, so you’ll have to eyeball the light placement.
3. Fasten the lights to your wreath form with floral wire. Twist the ends like you would a twist-tie and bend into the wreath form to hide the ends.
4. Finish wrapping the lights so that the plug-in end is at the bottom of the wreath. If you have to take another lap or back track, that’s fine. Just be sure to finish with the plug-in end hanging at the bottom.
5. Secure the end of the string of lights with more floral wire. Twist the floral wire to lock the lights in place and then tuck the ends into the foliage. Plug the lights in again to make sure they still work.

Step 12: Shape Up

After you've completed the steps up to this point, you'll notice your wreath is "out of shape", reshape the branches or add more branches from left over garland.

Step 13: Pinecones

Pinecones come in many shapes and sizes, use size appropiate to the size of your wreath. Use 8-inch pieces of florists wire to attach pinecones to a wire wreath form. or use hot-glue.

I glue round the base of 2-3 pinecones in a cluster and then wrapped the wire around the wreath to secure them. I spread them out evenly around the wreath.

Step 14: Holly

I tend to add the holly close to the pinecones, it tends to brighten the area with brighter colors.

Step 15: Decorations

Same as I did with the pinecones, I used 8-inch pieces of florists wire to attach and also hot-glue. When using hot glue, please make sure when adding the hot glue to glass ornaments, make sure you set the glue gun setting to LOW heat, to avoid cracking the glass.

NOTE: When using hot glue, make sure do not put glue on wires of lights!!

Step 16: Odd Number Rule

My rule of thumb when adding decorations; I add 3 or 5 of each decoration for a more appealing look.

Step 17: Final Touches

Continue decorating the wreath, and filling in with holiday greenery with berries in areas that need emphasizing. Many people put a personal touch on their wreath with a bow... At this time you can add a bow or as I do, a center piece ornament.

Step 18: Wow!!! That Is Just Beautiful

You are now ready WOW family, friends and visitors as you adorn your front door, wall, window or fireplace hearth with your gorgeous hand-crafted wreath -


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