Introduction: Christof Frozen Tunic

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My Cristof Tunic is a simple costume that even a beginning sewer would be able to do.

For the Tunic I used a lined suede fabric that was soft and flexible but had a nice body to it.

Begin by cutting out one front and one back from the fabric. Cut out 2 collar pieces.

Sew the tunic front and back together at the top of the shoulders and under the arms and down the sides. Make sure that the right sides of the fabric are facing. After sewing the front and back together turn the tunic right side out.

Sew the 2 collar pieces together right side out at the top edge only. Turn right side out. Pin the collar to the neck edges matching the center of the collar to the center of the back of the tunic.

Lay the tunic flat on a table and pin a red ribbon along the neck opening and around the collar. It is best to start in the back. You will have to fold the ribbon at the corners. Now use fabric glue or GOOP adhesive and glue the ribbon in place. Make sure to use only enough glue to do the job you don't want excess glue showing.

Cut faux fur into 1 inch strips. Glue the fur to the arm openings and to the bottom edge of the tunic.

The sash is made from a 4inc by 36 inch piece of fabric folded in half and sewn together lenghthwise. Leave the ends open for turning. After sew ing the long seam turn right side out and sew the ends closed.Using a decorative ribbon ,sew 2 rows of ribbon onto the sash.

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