Introduction: Chrome Dinosaur HACKED Advanced

Ever wanted to amaze your friends or have some fun almost destroying the Dinosaur Game? Well look no further.

Step 1: How to Use the Cheats

You must inspect the dinosaur game by right clicking and clicking inspect. (On chromebook it is a two finger click) Or hit simultaneously; Ctrl Shift I. In the top left of the new box it will say: Elements.To the right of that, it says console. Click on that. It will bring you to another box that may have some code at the top. When you find a cheat below that you like, paste it in next to the blue arrow and hit enter. You may have to be in the middle of the game for some cheats to work.

Step 2: The Cheats

To discover your own cheat type Runner.config or Runner.prototype or Runner.instance_

Than hit the arrow to see what things you can change. Runner.config.ACCELERATION = 10000 Runner.___.____ = ___ Like that. Invincibility: Runner.prototype.gameOver = function() {console.log("died")}; Change speed (1000+ will make invincible) Runner.instance_.setSpeed(750) SET YOUR SCORE >:) Go up to a cactus and enter this right before you hit it and you should get a WR; Runner.instance_.distanceRan = 3999900. You can make it so no plants or pterodactyls ever spawn by typing Runner.config.GAMEOVER_CLEAR_TIME = 999999999999999999 Also, if you want to earn points really fast, type Runner.instance_.msPerFrame = _ and replace the underscore with whatever number. (It starts at 16.66666)New graphical hack!!!: Runner.imageSprite This will show a HTML box so right click and hit: edit as html. There will be a image address and delete that but nothing else. Replace it with another image address and hit the X button in the top right. Graphics should be rekt!!! Also, this a advanced technique I guess but type Runner.SpriteDefinition and there will be 2 boxes that appear. Click them both to expand them and you can see a bunch of things like: cactus x: --- y: --- so you change these numbers however for it to work, I discovered that you also have to change the value for the other box. (I don't know what it actually says but I know the first one starts with “H” and the second one starts with “L”) Ex: H--- Cactus x:10 y:2 L--- Cactus x:20 y:2 (The y will always be 2 --don't change it) You have to change both x values (not the same number though) So I might change it to; H--- Cactus x:43 y:2 L--- Cactus x:13 y:2 I experimented and changed the X values of the small cactus to the X values of the dinosaur and the cacti looked like dinosaurs. The other instructables really inspired me to created this since that is where I learned to hack this game from.