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Introduction: Chubby Clay People

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Well then! Clay. Mold it, sculpt it, put it on a wheel, it's great. Shape whatever your heart desires. (Within the laws of physics.) I love me some clay, but to be honest I'm not the best sculptor ever. The one thing that I love to make that actually looks NEAT O are these lovely little clay people. They are chubby (well, maybe not so chubby as fat) and cute in my terms, even though I don't say cute often. So let's begin, fellow grasshoppers.

You'll need:

Clay (any colour, but white works the best for me)

Tools? They help attach things to...things.

A spray bottle. This keeps things nice and wet, and will eliminate those annoying cracks in your clay.

A washcloth. In case you have to stop in the middle of your work, just spray the cloth with water and lay it over the figure.

Step 1: Start With a Little Clay.

Make a nice round ball. I would use something a little bigger, since you haven't made these before.

Step 2: Pull Out the Legs.

No, I am not pulling your leg. Pull out two little stubby legs. Spray them with water and smooth out all the wrinkles and bumps. You should now have an Adipose-esque shape.

Step 3: Belly Time!

Just add a smaller ball to the stomach and smooth it onto the body. Poke a belly button on the bottom of the stomach.

Step 4: STOP! Arm Time!

Get a little more clay and shape it into a little oval. Score the place that you want to put the arm, and score the end of the arm too. You can do this with the clay tool that has the little teeth on the end. Stick on the arm. Smooth the shoulder and armpit on to the body, and put it into what ever pose your heart desires. Do this with the other arm too.

Step 5: Make a Head.

It has to be somewhat large enough for the body. Squeeze the sides into a cube-y shape. Then, with little dots of clay, make the cheeks the same way you did the belly, by just smoothing them on. Now you can make the mouth and eyes by just running a toothpick, not too deep, into the clay. He looks a little smug. Score the neck area, but not the bottom of the head.

Step 6: Head + Body

Stick his head onto his body. Smooth the neck-ish area onto his shoulders.

Step 7: HE'S NAKED!

You've finished the body but he's naked! (Even though he doesn't have any parts....) Start by rolling out a snake, no longer than your little finger. Flatten it out, and put one end of it under his belly. I won't show a picture of that because it's kind of awkward looking. Wrap it around to the back so that you have a little tail. Then, pull off any excess clay and smooth it on to his back. Make two more little snakes and flatten them out. Wrap them around his legs and mold them onto the middle...thingy majiger that used to be a tail. You can make his lovely nipples the same way you might have the cheeks, just add little balls of clay to where they might be and smooth them on to his chest. Make two little dots on them.

Step 8: Sign Your Work!

Sign your work, and you're done! Wait for it to dry, and then you can paint it if you want. I like to think of them as chibi-esque paper weights. Now you can make a whole family of them, since one isn't enough. Thanks for reading.

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