Chuck Box Camping Kitchen

Introduction: Chuck Box Camping Kitchen

Here is my home made Chuck box for camping.
It's fairly simple with no top lid as it doesn't really require one.
The front hatch opens downward this allowing closer access. It also includes a magnetic holder to place metal objects whilst cooking.
The inner drawer contains the chopping board, plus cutlery.
The side brackets can accomadate adjustable shelving which is stored inside the box.


Wooden box
2 handles for lifting
Bottle opener X 1
Adjustable shelving brackets
Hinges X 2
1mm metal sheet -aluminium
Sliding drawer brackets -ball bearing type
Small drawer -bamboo
Drop bolts X 2
Door knobs X 2
Plastic assembly joints

Step 1: Main Box

This was originally a wooden box with a lid.
I removed the lid and used it to make the top shelf that supports the cooker.
It was cut down in size so it fitted inside and supported with metal brackets.
It was positioned with enough depth as to fit the gas cooker on top.
A metal sheet made of aluminium was placed on the shelf to act as a heat barrier and easy clean surface.
I then cut the front door out and hinged it on the bottom so it falls down .
A magnetic strip was placed on the inside to hold cooking utensils whilst cooking.
The idea that it folds down gives you room to get nearer to the cooking grill and not be obstructed.
The front door is secured by two drop bolts and opened using the wooden knobs.

Step 2: Assembly

Simply put it all together as per your required dimensions.
Well it's not quite as simple as that.
I was lucky enough to find a wooden storage box that was the correct dimensions to allow me to adapt it.
The depth of the top tray was enough to fit my gas cooker.
The inner drawer needs to slide completely inside and not foul the front hatch, this means the drawer runners need to be fully extendable so that the drawer fully extends out allowing access.
The dimensions are approximately 65 cm wide X 45cm tall X 45cm deep.
It all kind of depends on how big your gas cooker is to be able to fit it on the top shelf space.

Step 3: Cutlery Drawer

The drawer is a bamboo type.
I used this as it was light ,plus having the advantage of making it simpler to mount the drawer runners.
The drawer runners are the ball bearing type.
I mounted them used 4 right angle metal brackets and screws.

Step 4: Side Shelves

I've used single slot shelving brackets on the ends of the Chuck box.
They act as a protective metal strip to protect the wood, they also give a variety of shelf heights.
I used the single slot rather than double slot due to the advantage of the actual brackets being single plate thickness.
Thus they can be stored flat inside the box when not being used.
The shelf itself is also stored inside the when not in use.
It just fits over the brackets using plastic shelf spacers to stop it from moving.

Step 5: Bottle Opener

Simply get a wall mount bottle opener and place it in a convenient place.
I placed mine on the side do you can get at it without opening and rummaging in the box.

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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice job. I've made a few chuck boxes, and looking at yours has given me new ideas. I really like the shelving concept. I can see a lot of thought and effort went into this Instructable. Keep up the good work.