Introduction: Chungi

Chungi is a sport or a game that is widely popular in most parts of Nepal. It is especially popular between kids as it can serve as a short game during recess. It is made entirely out of rubber and it is easy to make as well as fun to play with. This game can be played in a similar way as Hacky sack.

The items required to make this product are as follows:

1) Old bicycle rubber tube or 30-40 rubber bands (the diameter of each rubber band should be around 1.5 inches and thickness about 0.1 inch)

2) A pair of scissors to cut the rubber tube.

3) A cardboard to place the cut rubber bands (optional)

4) One long rubber band (diameter around 2 to 2.5 inches and around the same width)

5) A pair of safety gloves (optional).

Step 1: Cut Rubber Tubes Into Pieces

a) Place the cardboard box on the floor.

b) Wear the safety gloves (optional).

c) Take the scissors. Warning: Scissors are sharp. Take caution while using it.

d) Cut the rubber tube into circular pieces as shown in the the figure (left).

e) Cut these smaller tubes into fine rubber band with width of 0.1 inches and diameter of 1.5 inches as shown in the figure (right) :

f) Cut as much as 30 to 40 pieces

Step 2: Collect Them All

a) Collect the rubber bands that was made in Step 1 with fingers as shown in figure (left).

b) Take a long rubber band with diameter of 2 to 2.5 inches and cut it on one side so that we have a long straight rubber band. See figure (top-right).

c) Insert the rubber bands that we collected in Step 2(a) into the straight rubber that we cut in Step 2(b). It can be done one at a time or in a group. See figure (middle-right) for reference.

d) After step 2(c), your unfinished product should look like figure(bottom-right).

Step 3: Final Product

a) After putting them all together, tie the ends of the straight rubber band in a knot so that the collected rubber bands don’t fall off and stays in place. See figure (left).

b) Spread the rubber band evenly in all direction so you have spherical object.

c) When finished your final product should look like figure (right).