Introduction: Chunk Candle From Left-over Wax

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I have posted an instructable earlier on How to make Rainbow Candles which you can see at the following link

After making the rainbow candle, there are still some colored wax left in the containers used for melting wax. So I have decided to make colorful Chunk Candles with the left-over wax.

Step 1: Scrap Out the Left-over Wax

  • Using a knife, cut and scrap out the left-over wax in chunks and store in an old news paper

Step 2: Fill the Wax Mold

  • Apply oil on the inside of your wax mold and assemble with the base. Do not add wick
  • Take the chunks of different colored wax in hand and fill the mold in layers
  • Compact each layer lightly with a dowel or a wooden peg and fill to the top of the mold

Step 3: Pour Melted Wax

  • Melt wax in a double boiler and pour over the chunks in the mold
  • When the wax is still hot, poke holes with a thick needle and fill again
  • Keep the mold in a water bath for cooling

Step 4: Remove From Mold

  • Once the wax in the mold is cooled down, remove it from the water bath and detach the base
  • Lightly bush the candle out from top. The chunk candle will slide out from the mold

Step 5: Add Wick

  • Lightly heat the thick needle and poke a hole at the center all the way down
  • Insert a pre-waxed wick through the hole. It is very difficult to insert normal cotton wick. So, if you have only cotton wick, take the required length and dip in melted wax.

Our chunk candle from left-over wax is ready. You can light it in any special occasion as you desire

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