Introduction: Church Cake

This is a simple cake that I made for a school project for history class. We got 30 points out of 20!

It is yellow cake with vanilla frosting.

My mom posted about other cakes I've made:

Here are my answers to the Make-to-Learn Contest questions:

1. What did you make?

We had a  seventh grade history project where we could make a drawing, or a model of a church. We were studying the Roman Catholic church so I decided to make simple version as my model. My friend was making a drawing, and I decided to work with him and make a model. I decided to do a cake because it is fun and I've done it before for my mission report in fourth grade, my state report in fifth grade, and my geology report in sixth grade. The cake consisted of two layers of cake with a roof and a tower that was half styrofoam. It had blue-gray frosting on the roofs and white frosting on the main part. I also detailed it with a door and windows on the side of the building and a cross on the tower.

2. How did you make it?

I used google to research simple churches that would be easy to make in cake. First I sketched it out with three layers, using full pans of cake, with a tower made of cake. I worked with my mom, and my friend made suggestions. When we first made it, it was too wide, so we trimmed the cake down. Also, the cake was too soft to make the tower, so we used styrofoam for the bottom of the tower. We also had to put toothpicks in the tower to keep it together.

3. Where did you make it?

I worked on it at home, but it was a project for school. I took it school the day after I made it. After presenting it, our class ate it! We got a perfect grade on the drawings, and we got 10 extra credit points for the cake. We had a total of 30 out of 20 points!

3. What did you learn?

The biggest challenge was the tower. We had to make it half styrofoam, and we had to put it together with toothpicks. When I was frosting the tower it was really hard because it was fragile and would easily slide. The biggest surprise was the food coloring. I looked online to find out how to mix colors.  We used up almost a whole can of frosting experimenting. I ended up with a muddy green, and then an overly red brown. I finally found a site online that told me that two drops of each basic color was supposed to make black, but it didn't. From there I experimented and learned that adding more blue gets you a blue gray and adding more red gets you a brown. If I had to do it again, I would make the tower more stable by using larger toothpicks or skewers because in the final product, one of the pieces of cake slid to the slide and was crooked. I would also have liked to do the details more neatly.

Step 1: Ingredients

3 packs of yellow cake mix
4 cans of vanilla frosting
oil and eggs according to the cake mix recipe
pans for baking
fuzzy support staff

Step 2: Design Cake

Measure your pans.

Figure out your cake design.

Calculate how much cake you need to bake and what pans to use.

Remain flexible!

Step 3: Baking and Assembly

Bake the cake according to cake mix instructions.

Cool the cake, remove from pan, and freeze wrapped in plastic wrap until firm.

Level the cake so it will sit flat.

Cut and assemble based on your plan.

Frost between layers.

Step 4: Frosting

For the blue-grey frosting, use two drops of yellow, red, blue, and green, but add a couple extra drops of blue.

For the brown, use two drops of yellow, red, blue, and green, but add a couple extra drops of red.

Finish assembling and frosting.

I used styrofoam for the base of the tower since it is hard to stack cake that high and narrow.

Use a pastry bag for the details. (The detailing here is a little sloppy!)