Introduction: Chute Board

Ordinary Skateboards Set

This skateboard is different from the traditional skateboard, mainly because its main panel design is different.

This skateboard in true proportion to the average skateboard: the actual value I measured is within plus or minus one centimeter. Length 81, width 20, height 4.5, thickness 1.2. The wheels are 5 in diameter, 2 in diameter, and 16 apart. (unit :cm) the following modeling USES Shift key for proportional adjustment.

Step 1:

Build slide wheel body. Form a T - row clip on one side of the wheel.

Step 2:

Use the combination of cylinder and landing platform.Combine the combined wheel, ladder platform and

cylinder to form the combination as shown in the figure

Step 3:

The connecting part between the wheel assembly and the main plate. Base it with a rectangular shape, place a cuboid on it, and then use two hollow cuboids that rotate clockwise for 30° to form the figure as shown in the figure.6. Use the inner semi-circular arc-shaped cuboid

to cut edges and corners .

Step 4:

Make plane switch and combine into the following figure

Step 5:

Use the figure to construct support body.Combine the support body with the previous

combination shape.

Step 6:

Build the skateboard body . Use cuboid and two elliptic cylinders.

Step 7:

Add QR code content as thinkeracd website.

Step 8:

Switch work plane to finish final combination.

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