Introduction: Cicadaboom - 8 Step Sequencer and a Simple Synth

This instrument is easy to build and fun to play with.
The Arduino (I'm using duemilenova) in this instrument is acting only as a power source and as a simple timer, so if you don't have one you can still build this instrument with other timer sources, like 555 for example.
I took the simple Blink sketch and changed the delay to 100ms.
The timer is connected to the 4022 while each of its output connected to a 10k pot and a switch and from there to the VCO of 4046.
The output wave is square.

The samples:
cicadaboom111.ogg - clean recording. On the 1:28 minute you can hear what happens when the 4046 pin 5 is not connected to the ground.
cicadaboom222.ogg - the sound is going through an effects software, Rakarrack.
cicadaboom333.ogg - the sound is going through an effects software, JACK Rack.

Step 1: Parts and Components

- Arduino or any other timer, for example 555
- 4022 Octal Counter with 8 Decoded Outputs
- 4046 PLL
- 8X 2N2222 NPN Transistor (or any other NPN for switching)
- 8X 10k potentiometer
- 8X push buttons
- 4X 470n capacitors

More stuff:
- Audio socket
- Breadboards
- Jumper wires
- a plastic box

Step 2: The Circuit

few notes:
- Note the block of 2N2222, 10k pot and switch. You should make 8 such blocks for each 4022 output.
- The capacitors (along with the pots) determines the range of frequency for the synth. I chose 4X470n for low frequencies and if I want to play with the general pitch I just remove or add capacitors to the breadboard so anyway you can put switches between the capacitors.

Step 3: Photos