Introduction: Cider Battered Fish and Chips With Mint Mushy Peas

I thought I would make a more fragrant and lighter version of the traditional fish and chips. By altering of a few ingredients you can do wonders to the flavour. British summer time is fast approaching so its probably a safe bet that if you live in the United Kingdom, Fish & Chips is going to be everywhere in the upcoming months, (even if the sunshine won't be!) so you can remind yourself of summer sun or try to impress your friends with this British classic.

As far as changing the recipe or trying to do something exciting or new I have really left this the same as any old recipe you might find on the internet bar the odd detail. I have however exchanged  couple of items: 1. The beer in the batter for cider, the sour apple taste goes excellently with white fish, and 2. I added mint in to the mushy peas to give it a wonderful fresh summery taste.

Some tips;

- Its important to not lose too many of the bubbles in the cider as this will make your batter very flat when it comes to actually frying them.

- I like to add fry some thyme or maybe rosemary along with my chips and fish it give them  lovely aroma and flavour, and makes a nice garish for your chips at the end of cooking.

- Finally good fish and chips are always finished with strong malt vinegar! (the brown type)

Still interested?

Ingredients :

Cider Batter:
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon rice bran oil
1 cup apple cider (Ice Cold)
1 large egg
1 pinch salt

White Fish

Mushy Peas:
1 Cup of peas
Mint to taste
1 teaspoon of Butter