Cigar Box Top Table

Introduction: Cigar Box Top Table

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This a really neat, cheap table. All you'll need is set paint, PVC piping, plywood and cigar boxes. In case you didn't know, a lot of cigar shops offer free boxes after they sell the cigars out of them. You can use these for plenty of different projects and crafts. Today we're going to use them as the top of a table.

Step 1: Get Yourself Some Nice Legs

Alright so in case you couldn't tell from the intro picture, these legs are actually PVC pipes. This was a great way to save money. Alternatively, you could always splurge and just buy actual black iron pipes. I bought two 8ft PVC pipes and cut them into four 30 inch pieces. I made my table a little high because I built it to put my TV on it.
After this you'll want to attach the caps for the feet of your table legs. I added the attachment at the top of each leg so that I can actually take my legs out when moving the table to make it more portable since I go away to college full time during the school year.
When everything is all cut and ready to go then pick out a nice spray paint. I used a textured black iron paint to make it look like the iron piping.

Step 2: Making the Tabletop

Okay so for this you'll want to head out to your local cigar shop. As stated in the intro, many cigar shops actually give away the boxes for free when they're done with them. The place I go to has stacks of them on a shelf in the window just waiting to find a new home.
You'll want to take all the lids off and fit them on your piece of plywood like a puzzle. Be creative! Mine are facing all different directions and I cut them with a jigsaw to be an array of sizes. I even kept one of the cigar boxes whole for extra storage.

To make the table stronger, you'll want to wood glue the pieces onto a separate thin piece of wood. Then glue and clamp dry that piece onto your solid plywood or other lumber.

Step 3: Attach the Legs to the Tabletop

Well the title says it all; go ahead and finish it up. You can use contact cement, JB Weld Epoxy or whatever you have handy that is strong enough to attach the PVC legs. Then you're all done! Let that dry and then you have a great new side table.

Thanks for stopping by!

Step 4: Extra Notes

• It costs a bit more but I picked up a piece of plexiglass at Lowe's and had them cut it to my table top's dimensions. This adds a bit of protection to your cool new cigar box table.
• As an after thought, if your table is wobbly, you can either shorten the legs on your table or even add a shelf between the legs as seen in the picture of the step before.
-for this you will just need to cut notches in your PVC table legs and then cut a small wood shelf out the is big enough to not slip out of the notches

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