Introduction: Cigarette Packaging

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For those who want to carry their cigarette in style. These are cool boxes I made for chain smokers and for those who wants to get inspire. The goal was to make interesting aesthetically pleasing cigarette packages which could act as conversation starters during a social smoke break.

'SUTTA' and 'MAAL' is slang for smoking and Tobacco respectively and I tried to use it in a creative way. My invention is not to hurt anyone emotion with this DIY box.

Before starting I'm attaching link for those who are new to paper folding techniques. I Suggest you to go through the book for better experience while making the box.

Folding Techniques for Designers: From Sheet to Form by Paul Jackson

* I'm not promoting smoking through this

Step 1: Materials and Tools Required

Materials required

    • 300 gsm A3 sheet
    • clear vinyl adhesive sticker
    • Paper double sided tape (DST)
    • Glue


    • Paper cutter
    • Metal scale
    • Scissor
    * And some precision

    Step 2: Layout and Design

    I made Cigarette packaging measuring Marlboro packet in Photoshop and customised it. You can increase the length of the box accordingly for the long cigarettes . Im attaching 3 Photoshop file and PNG as well if you don’t want to customise it.

    I have customise only 3 variation, you can explore lot many.


    Delete group 3,4,5 from Photoshop file or Hide group 3,4,5 before converting you payout into .png format, before taking prints. Its for easy understanding only. Not for printing

    Step 3: Printout of Design

    Get a colour print of your layout on 300 gsm A3 sheet. Set print setting to Fit to the display and stick clear vinyl adhesive sheet on it for protection. This will give more rigidity to your structure and longer life.


    Be careful while sticking vinyl sheet on paper. It should not have bubble trapped inside.

    Step 4: Cutting Crease Line

    Using paper cutter and metal scal, make a cut on a crease line to trace it at the back side of the paper. This is done because we need creases on the back of the printed side and also our box will look more neat and pleasing.

    * Refers pictures for help.

    Step 5: Make Creases.

    Once done with cut, flip the paper. With the help of metal scale and cutter use crease cut as a guide and make creases parallel to it for folding.

    im attaching a book link of how to fold paper, for those who are new to paper folding techniques.


    Use paper cutter very gently while making creases. It should not cut through the paper.

    Step 6: Cutting the Box

    Flip the paper again (printed side on the top), cut the outer box along the guide line. Cut the 'L' slit from the box as shown in the print (Refer photo). These parts will get folded while making the box.

    Now Fold all the surfaces inside along the crease and try to convert it into a box (Refer photo)

    You are almost done!

    Step 7: Making Lock for the Box

    Cut the 'Lock box' from the sheet and fold it.


    Delete the layer "Delete this layer" in photoshop file before printing.

    Step 8: Pasting the Parts

    First you have to paste the lock. Top of the lock should touch the third crease of the box from the top (Refer photo for help). Put paper DST Edge to edge on the surface as denoted in the pictures.

    Remove upper part of the Paper DST before pasting. Apply some glue on the rest part of the side overlapping some part of Paper DST. Paper DST will help to keep sides in place after pasting.

    * Refer pictures

    Step 9: Making the Box

    Fold to make bottom large part of the Box. After pasting sides edge to edge, press it firmly for some time.

    Second, Fold the top part (Cap) of the box. I hope now you have figured out how to make it. If not then refer step by step pictures attached above.

    * Refer pictures

    Step 10: You Are Done!

    You are ready to carry your cigarettes in a cool packet. Customise the design as you wish!

    Thank you for watching.

    Critical comments are always welcome!

    This pocket product was not made to promote smoking.
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