Introduction: Cigarette Recycling Project

This project is about recycling used cigarette stubs. You will find that Billions of £ and $ worth of tobacco is thrown away every year by accident as used stubs. You will be surprised on how much tobacco is still left on the end of a stub, and it soon mounts up .

Step 1: Breaking Up the Stubs Into Usable Tobacco

Your next step is to break up the stubs into smokable tobacco. Put the filters into a second container because we will be recycling the filters as well.

Step 2: Recycling the Filters

We are going to reuse the filters. To do this you must remove any burnt and carbonised parts of the filter. Just cut off the burnt parts . If you wish you can even make the filter smaller by cutting the filter in half.

Step 3: Rolling Machine Optional

You might find using a Rolling Machine, easier to use, but this is only optional. You can roll your tobacco by hand if you wish. I am using a rolling machine because it will be easier while adding the filter, at one of the machine's ends. First I add the filter and then the tobacco. Position your cigarette paper after wetting the gum. You then use the machine to roll your cigarette with the filter into a rolled cigarette with filter tip.

Step 4: Finished Rolled Recycled Cigarettes From Stubs

You will now save yourself hundreds of £ pounds or $ Dollars. The rolled cigarettes are now ready for smoking . The filter tips are also optional . But again its your choice.

A special tip:

If you start to run out of lighter fuel you can use a Tea Candle, to light you cigarettes during the day.

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