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Introduction: Cinderella Dress Cupcakes

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It was extremely last minute. I'm talking even 20 minutes before shooting the video, I had no idea what I was going to be doing. I decided to re-create Cinderella's classic blue dress using a simple pleated skirt method that I had used on a wedding cake. I was honestly shocked at how beautiful the cupcake was! It sat in my kitchen for a week until I had it in me to throw it away. Any-who without further ado....

You'll Need:

Fondant: Use a royal blue gel dye to create a light blue and royal blue




Rolling Pin

Water or Edible Glue

Heart Cookie Cutter

Step 1: Prep

1. Prepare your cooled cupcake by piping out a mound of frosting, then smoothing the sides to create a mountain shape. Make sure that the frosting is thick enough to stand and support the fondant.

Step 2: Getting Started

2. Roll out the darker shade of blue fondant and cut out a heart shape with a cookie cutter. Set the heart aside to harden, preferably on a rolling pin to create a curve.

Step 3: Sleeves

Roll out a small piece of light blue fondant to cut out the sleeves. Set these aside to harden as well.

Step 4: Pleats

Again, roll out the darker shade of blue and cut into triangular shapes. These will be placed on the cupcake thin side up and thick side down. Place the first piece on the cupcake as shown below. For the second piece, roll the sides slightly inward and place on the cupcake making sure to overlap the first piece. Continue this method until the cupcake is covered.

Step 5: Base

With clean scissors trim to even out the dress. Using a small knife or spatula (preferably an X-acto knife) carefully and slowly cut a small slit at the top of the cupcake large enough to fit the base of the heart.

Step 6: A Little Shimmer

Optional: Dip a dry paint brush into silver shimmer luster dust and brush onto the heart to give the dress a magical sheen.

Step 7: Coming Together

Once the heart has hardened, carefully secure it into the slit made on top of the cupcake. Lastly, roll out a small piece of light blue fondant, and roll from one end to the other to create a rose. Place this in the center to hide the seam. Then, with a dab of water, attach the sleeves to the dress.

Step 8: Tah Da!

With the touch of a magic wand you've got a beautiful Cinderella Cupcake Dress.I hope you guys try this out.

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    6 years ago

    These look amazing! They're simple but cute =)

    That is a really cute idea for a cupcake! I really like that you added the shimmer :)