Introduction: Cinnamon Crêpes Flambéed - a Burning Dessert Idea

Are you looking for a special dessert?

Something easy, but spectacular?

You like to use fire in other ways than lightning a candle or your BBQ?

Welcome to the easy interpretation of crepes suzette, the new burning dessert.


You are handling with fire. Make sure that you uses oven save dishes and burn your dessert in an area where you haven't flammable things around. You also might need oven gloves.

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

You need:

For the crêpes (thin pancakes): makes 12-15 crêpes, depending on your pan size)

4 Eggs (medium)

250 gr wheat flour

500 ml milk

50 gr butter

1 pinch salt

For the burning topping:

40 gr sugar

10 gr ground cinnamon

10 ml Brandy per burning crepes (or other drinking alkohol with more than 40%vol)


- mixing bowl

- metal skewer (1 per Person)

- mixer

- smaller bowls (microwave save)

- plate/bowl for serving, oven save

- measuring cup

- small ladle

- kitchen scale

- lighter with long rod

- kitchen sieve

- anti-sticking pan / teflon pan

- pair of oven gloves

Step 2: Making the Dough

Easy peasy step by step...

1. Crack all the eggs into your bowl and stir them with your mixer until the liquid is smooth and evenly yellow.

2. Use the kitchen sieve to sift the flour into your bowl (that's to avoid having flour lumpies in your dough).

3. Stir the egg and the flour, add the milk little by little.

4. Look at your nice smooth batter. Enyoy for a moment :-)

5. Add the pinch of salt.

6. Heat up your pan, which you will use for baking the crepes and smelt the butter during the heating (-up).

7. Pour the butter into your batter and stir again.

8. Congrats, you are ready for baking...

Step 3: Baking the Crêpes

Your anti-sticking pan is still hot and greased by the melted butter - if you melted the butter in the microwave use a little bit of additional grease.

1. Use your ladle to put some batter into the hot pan.

2. Quickly swivel the pan to spread the batter as thin as possible on the whole pan.

3. Put the pan back to the hotplate and wait until the batter is thickened on the surface (until it's not shiny anymore)

4. Use your spatula and flip the crêpe (you can also try and flip it in the air, but I can't, so no picture :-) )

5. Wait for a few seconds - maybe 10-15 and slide it on an additional plate.

6. Bake all the batter for sweet and sweet buring crêpes and stack them on the plate or switch to instructables step 6 and bake some savory crêpes...

Step 4: Creating Your Crêpe Cinnamon Rolls

1. Mix your sugar and cinnamon to create cinnamon-sugar. I used a ratio of 1:4 cinnamon:sugar, but feel free to ask your mouth what is the best ratio.

2. Spread 1-2 teaspoon of sugar mixture on a crêpe.

3. Roll the crêpe, set aside.

4. Take a new crêpe, cinnamonsugar it and set the already rolled crêpe on top of it, roll it together.

5. Take a sharp knife and cut ~3,5 cm broad rolls. (Eat up the start and the end, nobody will know it...)

6. Spike 4 crêpe-rolls on a metal skewer and place on an oven safe plate or bowl.

7. Pour 1-3 servings of alcohol into an microwave safe dish

8. Set into the microwave and heat it up for some seconds - you want to create alcohol fumes, but not boil it.

9. Be careful with your fingers, the bowl might be hot! and pour the hot alcohol over your crêpe stick.

Step 5: Let It Burn - and Enjoy

1. Set your plate onto a wooden plate or differnt heat resistant plate.

2. Set it on fire with your long stick lighter.

3. See the flames and enjoy the mystic...

and then enjoy the flambeed slightly caramelized cinnamon crêpes...

Step 6: Optional: Feed Up Your Friends With Savory Crêpes

You don't want to burn all the crêpes?

Try some savory ones.

1. After flipping the crêpe in your pan, put first some ground cheese and then salami (or bacon, or ham, or tomatos, or canned tuna) on top of the cheese.

2. Add some salt and pepper.

3. Close the crêpe, as you would make a calzone.

4. Set the pan back to the hotplate, heat it for 45sec from both sides.

5. Quarter it and set some basil leaves next to it, it always looks better with some greens...

-> they also taste nice the next day, either heat them up in the microwave or eat them cold

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