Introduction: Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino Recipe

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I love trying different frappuccino recipes and about a year ago, I saw this cinnamon roll one on Starbucks Secret Menu. I ordered it and it was good, but I knew I'd want to make it at home. As soon as I came across a Cinnamon Torani and White Chocolate Torani, I was ready to try. This then became an official flavor when they had it with their "Fan Flavors."

This copycat Starbucks recipe takes a few special Torani syrups, but there are probably ways to get around that, or, they are always a good investment if you like to flavor your drinks.

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Step 1: Supplies

This recipe is a single serving and makes about the equivalent of a 16oz Grande from Starbucks.


Use more or less Cinnamon and White Chocolate depending on your taste.


  • Blender - I use a Magic Bullet at home, it's great for making individual drinks though doesn't blend quite as well as the Vitamix
  • Ice cube trays - small ice cubes make for even easier blending
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Cups for serving
  • Straws - Yay for reusable straws! These birch pattern paper straws are the ones shown in the pictures.

*Feel free to replace 1/4c of the milk with strong coffee. It will effect the taste.

Step 2: Blend Everything

Throw everything in the blender at once and mix it up.

Step 3: Decorate It and Serve