Cinnamon Roll Twinkies

Introduction: Cinnamon Roll Twinkies

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What crazy concoction is a cinnamon roll Twinkie someone might ask?  Well I would have to answer just maybe the best late night munchies concoction ever made!! A cinnamon roll Twinkie Is store bought cinnamon roll dough (kind in a round tube.) cooked in a Hostess Twinkie maker. ( can be bought for 15-20 dollars) and then icing injected inside and drizzled over the Twinkie.      

Things needed

1.       Store bought cinnamon roll dough

2.       Twinkie maker (or whatever you can cook the dough in like a waffle iron. Be creative!!

3.       Icing bag with injector tip

Ingredients for extra icing

1.       2 Tbsp of soft butter

2.       1 and a half cups of powdered sugar

3.       2 Tbsp of water

Step 1: Prep

Spray down your pan with pam or butter so the Twinkies don't stick. Then you unwrap the dough kneed it and mix it with your hands so that when you inject icing it all doesn't come out the side because of how its rolled.

Step 2: Cutting and Cooking

Now that you have the dough kneaded good you got to roll it out to about the size of a Twinkie and cut the dough to fit into the Twinkie maker. after the dough is in you plug in the Twinkie maker and let them cook for about 8 minutes or intill they are golden brown.

Step 3: Icing

While the Twinkies are cooking you can make the icing for the filling. Take the 1 and a half cups of sugar and put it in a bowl and add the 2 tbsp. of butter and water and mix together.

Step 4: Injecting Icing and Drizzle

Now you fill you bag up with icing and inject it into both sides of the Twinkies. To finish them off I take the icing that came with the cinnamon rolls and drizzle it on top. Enjoy!!

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    9 years ago

    Hmm, do you think a vanilla cake batter with some cinnamon swirled through would work?

    The laser guy
    The laser guy

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    That was my thoughts exactly!! I have thousands of other ideas to make with this Twinkie maker. I think my next will be chocolate brownie Twinkie..

    The laser guy
    The laser guy

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Now thats a good idea I just might try that thanks!